Online Faxing in South Africa

Online Faxing in South Africa

Online Faxing in South Africa

The majority of the planets population, probably remember those ancient fax machines that required the user to stand in a queue, feed it a piece of paper, punch in the destination phone number, then wait again while the machine dials and the paper feeds through it so slowly and then finally you pray for it go through.

To say the least the age of the “dinosaur” fax machine has come to an end. In this day and age online faxing is the way of the future.

Online Faxing
This groundbreaking technology is going to change the way we do business, it is just a pity that it didn’t make its appearance earlier, especially if one takes into consideration that e-mail has been around for approximately twenty years.
The technology today is so revolutionary that a person is even capable of faxing a document via his smartphone. This is no practical joke; online faxing service providers have several apps in conjunction with brands like Droid, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and the iPod Touch.

Additional benefits of online faxing include:

  • No need for logins or passwords
  • Hassle free access to contacts/ fax numbers for easy sending
  • Faxing Photos,  characteristics
  • Easy drafting from your smart phone
  • Easy status verification

All of the above mentioned should be easy to understand however for those of you who still aren’t entirely sure here is a quick rundown.

Using a smartphone to send a fax is more convenient because it does not require that the user log in or provide any type of password. If and when the need arises to send a quick fax and you do not have the original document with you, you may simply draft a new document on your Smartphone..

The Smartphone application provides the user with a contacts menu where all the contact information is stored so no more searching for that little piece of paper with the fax number on it, you simply select if from your phone.
The users may also check the status of a fax at any time, unlike traditional fax machines where you had to wait until the send message has been printed.

This feature I think they threw in just for the fun of it, but you may actually fax the photos you have on your device.

Are the days of conventional faxing truly over?

Perhaps not right now, however it is imminent. Online faxing is gaining popularity at a phenomenal rate the whole fax to email initiative is spreading like wild fire and it is not just used by businesses, the fax 2 email service has made a huge difference in the lives of travelling business men and even real estate agents and sales persons who are on the road most of the time.

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