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Faxing with Blank Side Up

  There were a million different things you had to remember when using a fax machine. 1) Never face the blank side up. 2) Always stand next to your fax machine when receiving a fax or your evil assistant may steal your fax. 3) create an intelligent filing system. 4) wear ear plugs. 5) Seriously, […]

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Accept a Faxed Copy

  The 1980’s was a simpler time… or was it? Seriously, we would mission to find information in libraries and take an entire day to send information back and forth through a fax machine. How is that simpler? It simply is not simpler! Now a days we are able to transfer information with absolute ease […]

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You are Faxing Wrong

  There is that old joke that goes, ‘you are so skinny I could fax you!’ Well sweety, are you so skinny that you can be faxed in the modern day sense? I highly doubt that. Maybe you cutely fit into a fax machine (which isn’t hard because this is the bulkiest machine ever made […]

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Fax to Email, the Ultimate Portable Fax Machine

In many small to medium business situations the owners of these businesses are required to be available and open to communication right around the clock, a feature of modern day life and of modern day business that has become far easier thanks to mobile and smart phone technologies which allows business owners to stay on […]

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Online Faxing in South Africa

The majority of the planets population, probably remember those ancient fax machines that required the user to stand in a queue, feed it a piece of paper, punch in the destination phone number, then wait again while the machine dials and the paper feeds through it so slowly and then finally you pray for it […]

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A Technological Facelift For Faxing

The old chunky fax machine was an essential part of communication for many years. Even that was fine tuned from dreadful rolls of paper to sheets. Now the old work horse of communication has been linked or transferred to the more popular means, through the Web. This is referred to as digital faxing, internet fax […]

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Email About the Fax

Technology need no longer be complicated any more. It is as though the internet has merged all elements of technology together and has provided us with the most simple of communication and information technology. You no longer need to fax, photo copy, file and spend ages trying to find the document once you have forgotten […]

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